Milani & Elf Cosmetics Product Review & Swatches

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Here is a quick Milani and Elf cosmetics product review for you guys, I even went all out with a small video to show you guys some skin swatches. If this is something you guys enjoy, & would like for me to review other products just let me know.

Over the holiday break we went on a Walmart run, I didn’t even go for makeup….. It just happened ha!  Here are the four products I grabbed.

Makeup Haul

  1. Milani Illuminating Face Powder- This is the first time I tried any Milani cosmetics, I fell in love with the packaging, and I absolutely loved the colors in this powder, but I’m not sure if it’s not pigmented enough or what. It just barely showed on my skin, I thought it was a highlighter but It just didn’t work for me at all.
  2. Milani Bella Eyes Gel Eye shadow- Man this eye shadow is bomb, I love everything about it and it is super pigmented. If you look closely there is little shimmers in the powder that make this eye shadow perfect for a smokey eye.
  3. Elf Intense Ink Eyeliner- Elf cosmetics give me life I’m sorry but I’m cheap and I love their products. Trying this eyeliner was the best thing ever. I have been looking for an eyeliner with a marker tip for a while many that I purchased were literally dry right from the package. This eyeliner is a steal deal!!
  4. Elf Eyeliner & Shadow Stick- This eyeliner duo is Awesomme!! I will be straight up with everyone I absolutely suck doing my eye makeup, so when I came across this bad boy the hype was serious! I can do a pretty sweet smokey eye with this handy wand! I love it

Check out the product swatches! <3


Let me know what you guys think?

Have you tried these products before, If so what was your experience with it?


July 6, 2016

10 Mother’s Day Etsy Gifts- Gift Guide

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10 Mothers Day Etsy Gifts

Mother’s Day is around the corner literally. Why not get your mom something handmade , to show how much you appreciate and love all that she has ever done for you? Here are our suggestions below.


  1. Super Mom Coffee Mug from fieldtrip; $14Super Mom Coffee Mug
  2. Gold Infinity Bracelet from powderandjade; $24il_570xN.673672082_3fe8
  3. Turquoise Pendant Necklace from AmysLeatherLane; $19+Turquoise Necklace
  4. Mother & Child Elephants Necklace from TwinkleJewell; $9.99Elephants Necklace
  5. Family Tree Initials Bracelet from FrostedWillow; $29.95+Family Tree Initials Bracelet
  6. Printable Mother’s Day Card from ClementineCreative; $3.99Mothers Day Card
  7. Porcelain Planter from Wapa; $36Planter
  8. Mom Quote Home Decor Printable from ArtQuality; $3.00Printable Mom Quote
  9. Mom Key Chain from BubbleGumGraffiti; $4.99Mom Keychain
  10. Personalized Makeup Bag from BOLDbyTina; $21+Makeup Bag

That’s it for our round up.

(Image Credits: fieldtrip; powderandjade; AmysLeatherLane; TwinkleJewell; FrostedWillow; ClementineCreative; Wapa; ArtQuality; BubbleGumGraffiti; BOLDbyTina)

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day Etsy find?
Tell us in the comments!


May 5, 2016

Make-Up Look Of The Day & Cabella’s Trip

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Makeup Products Collage


Hi everyone , I Just wanted to share an image with you guys of this weekends make-up look. I’m not an extreme make-up enthusiast but I love make-up and all of the art people create with it. Whenever I do mines and I love everything about it, I feel the need to share it with everyone and get feedback. I feel so accomplished even if it’s a simple everyday look with bold lips.


Here are the products I used to create this simple look:

  1. Primer- Maybelline Master Prime (helps blur & control redness)
  2. Lips- ColourPop Liquid lipstick (shade Tulle)
  3. Foundation- Elf acne prevention foundation (shade beige)
  4. Eyes- Maybelline Master Kajal Cream Kohl Eyeliner
  5. Eyes- Calvin Klein One Mascara
  6. Eyebrows- Elf Eyebrow Kit (shade dark)

Make-up Look of the day

I  hope you guys had a lovely weekend I sure did.  We took a trip to Cabella’s with the whole family. I wanted to show the baby the animal museum they have and the small fish aquarium. He loved everything about the trip, he couldn’t stop yelling and running around pointing at everything.

By the way are their any Kingdom Hearts fans out there? Check out my awesome t-shirt, this is by far the best videogame ever!!!

Thanks for stopping by for a quick read!


February 29, 2016

10 Valentines Day Gifts From Etsy- Gift Guide For Him & Her

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valentines day etsy gift guide

Valentines day is a day of love, life, friendship, family, and happiness . What better way to celebrate it than with lovely unique handmade gifts from Etsy. Here are my suggestions below.

Gifts For Her:

  1. Heart Druzy Pendant Necklace from EwelinaPas; $68Heart Druzy Pendant Necklace
  2. Rutilated Pear Faceted Rose Cut Quartz Ring from MidwinterCo; $155rutilated pear faceted rose quartz ring
  3. Grande punto super chunky knit wool blanket from Ohhio; from $400+grande punto wool knit blanket
  4. Lucy – Boxy Black Leather Cross-body Bag from GRACEGORDONLDN; $361.62lucy boxy black leather cross-body bag
  5. Fuchsia heart studs dipped in silver from DiligentClusters; $10Fuchsia heart studs dipped in silver
  6. “I love you more than coffee” mug from fieldtrip; $14I love you more than coffee mug
  7. White & Gold monogrammed ring dish from ModernMud; $36white & gold monogrammed ring dish
  8. Red Lips – Black Leather and Red Suede Wallet from cloverhunter; $40Red lips leather & suede wallet
  9. Printed Cotton Couple Pillow Covers from bubbleslt; from $27+Printed couple pillow covers
  10. Modern succulent planters set of three from andrewsreclaimed; $45Modern succulent planters

This is it for the gift guide for the ladies in your life!

(Image Credits: Ewelinapas; midwinterco; Ohhio; GRACEGORDONLDN; Diligentclusters; fieldtrip; modernmud; cloverhunter; bubbleslt; andrewsreclaimed )


Gifts For Him:

  1. Hubby Ceramic Coffee Mug from ClickandBlossom; from $16+Hubby coffee mug
  2. Leather Iphone wallet & phone case from barvaleather; from $38+Iphone leather case
  3. Engraved Solid Brass 7.62mm Key chain Bottle Opener from BottleBreacher; from $17.99+bottle opener
  4. Personalized Leather Initials Bracelet from CJWPARACORD; from $47+personalized leather bracelet
  5. Personalized men’s leather wallet from Peachlovebag; $29leather engraved wallet
  6. Personalized wet shaving set from MiriHardyPottery; $92personalized shaving set
  7. Personalized Toiletry Travel bag from SivaniDesignsShop; from $89+toiletry bag
  8. Men’s infinity loop scarf from Gazur; $42.52infinity scarf
  9. Black wood watch from LuxWoods; $67.97black wood watch
  10. Black Engraved lighter from JustForYouEngravings; $14.95engraved lighter

This is it for the gift guide for the men in your life!

(Image Credits: ClickandBlossom; barvaleather; BottleBreacher; CJWPARACORD; Peachlovebag; MiriHardyPottery; SivaniDesignsShop; Gazur; LuxWoods; JustForYouEngravings)

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day Etsy find?
Tell us in the comments!


February 2, 2016

Free Online Resources For Designers & Bloggers

Free Resources For Designers & Bloggers

As a blogger, you should have a pretty large list of free resources to help you with your daily designing process. This allows you to maintain hundreds of images, graphics & fonts stocked up to work quickly and conveniently. Managing your time is key, so having a resource library stocked up will help you in your creative process by cutting time off of the search for new resources. Read more…

January 27, 2016

DIY : Designing a Banner For an Etsy Shop

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DIY Etsy Shop Banner

I noticed that my etsy shop banner for my digital printables SHOP HERE  needed a little sprucing up. The fact that all Etsy shops look practically the same makes designing your shop a super difficult task. As my design platform I use not only because its super easy to use but when I first discovered the website I accidentally purchased pretty much a year membership and I had access to everything although this is a free platform , there is so much more you can do once your a member.  Read more…

October 28, 2015

Creative Market : Free Goods Of the week!!

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Free Goods For Graphic Designers

I have been extremely obsessed with the Creative Market weekly free goods! If you are starting out as a digital designer and you want to spend little to no money. Be patient and enjoy the weekly freebies. They always give you six different freebies and almost every week I have received a great font!! You cant go wrong with free fonts! Read more…

September 16, 2015

New Additon to The Blog & New Etsy Shop!!!

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Hello Everyone , It’s actually super late as I’m typing up this blog post but I have been so busy lately that I honestly haven’t had time to sit down and write a few words down..

I actually think I really should put more time aside for the blog but I have become so invested in my Etsy shop it drives me mad.. But a good mad ha! Read more…

July 26, 2015

Library Con Success!

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Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a happy & chill Sunday Evening. I just wanted to talk about how the Reading Public Library Con turned out. It was actually a very small event!, I thought there would have been more people there, but there wasn’t. It was an awesome experience , It was an event mostly for children, but that is what made it super fun. Read more…

July 19, 2015